Friday, 4 October 2013

A Better Way of Shopping for Food – Episode 1

Oh how I hate food shopping. It’s not the actual shopping; it’s deciding what we need to buy and what we can afford within our budget.

Into the supermarket I go, wandering up and down the aisles, looking carefully at each of the shelves in the hope that I will remember what we need.

Did he say he needs biscuits? How much shampoo have I got left? Better get some just in case.

Of course I get home only to discover he is baking biscuits and had told me he would do that so don’t buy any biscuits.  I get a scolding for not listening to anything he says. I console myself with the fact that I will save money next week when he will be over his baking fad.

I take the shampoo to the bathroom. It happens that there is more than enough already to take me well past next week. I comfort myself thinking “I’ve saved more money, perhaps I will save enough to buy a special treat for afternoon tea next week”.

The shopping is packed away and I am confident I did okay even if I didn’t have to buy biscuits and shampoo.

Afternoon tea with home baked biscuits over, the cups and plates are packed into the dishwasher. “Didn’t you get any dishwasher tablets?” comes the voice from under the sink. “Oh no, sorry, I’ll have to get some tomorrow.”

Over the next few days I discover I have also forgotten pasta sauce, stock cubes and salt. Of course these discoveries are not only crucial but are realised on different days and mean unnecessary trips to the supermarket using up time and petrol.

There has to be a better way. Stay tuned for Episode 2

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