Friday, 25 October 2013

A Better Way of Shopping for Food – Episode 2

More about my horror of food shopping and attempt to get it right the first time round.

My next attempt was go with a shopping list. The concept behind this was that you only went the sections of the supermarket you needed for the items on your list and therefore not tempted by unnecessary items. The list made sure you got everything you needed while saving time and money.

I sat with my notepad, pen poised, determined to write a complete shopping list. 

I mentally went through the cupboards and fridge trying to imagine what we need. 

“Is there anything you need me to get at the shops?” I call out to hubby. “I don’t know.” He replies. “I don’t think so.” 

“And you can bet there will be something I forget to get him” I mumbled to myself.

My attempt at writing a list was an improvement. Unfortunately by not looking elsewhere in the store my memory wasn’t jogged about things I had omitted from the list. 

My big mistake however was that I had tried to visualise what was in the pantry instead of getting off my bum and looking.

Of course I forgot things. Now, I am married to an Italian, who like many of his fellow countrymen has coffee running through his veins. My biggest crime on this trip was to forget his coffee.

So once again, I had to make yet another journey to the supermarket. On this visit I notice my store has a pad with tear off sheets listing stocked items aisle by aisle. I brought several copies back with me (I know I would lose a single copy before I needed it)

Let’s see how I go in Episode 3.

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