Thursday, 31 October 2013

The accidental dog breeder (Part 2)

Sass certainly had a wonderful temperament for showing. She’d strut out and do her thing, make friends with the judge and run around with me. There was just one problem if she made it through to the next round of judging. In her mind she had done her thing, won a ribbon that said “Best of Breed” and it was time to go home not go through the whole thing again. 

I’d lead her out, do the required circle with the other dogs and stand in ‘show pose’ while the judge sent each dog for it’s up and back and look it over again. This part of the judging was for ‘Group’, in our case judging the best working dog on the day. 

The breeds were judged alphabetically so being a Belgian Shepherd we were not too far down the row. The judge would get to Sass, we’d do our up and back and stand while the judge took another look at her before passing onto the next dog. 

So far so good. The judge went through the procedure with all the other dogs then proceeded to walk up and down the row of dogs, occasionally asking one or two to do another up and back while he/she made their decision.

This is when my dear girl got bored. After the judge had finished with her she would stand there staring at me with one leg stuck out to the side. It reminded me of an impatient person with one hand on their hips and leg out to one side.  

Needless to say we rarely got a Group award but she finally got enough points to be called an Australian Champion.

It didn’t matter. We were having fun and exercise and got to know other Belgian Shepherd people which gave us an opportunity to learn about our breed. 

When Sass was about 12 months old we were offered a male Belgian a little over 3 month old Shepherd. We were told he had already started show training and had a lot of promise. Because we were enjoying showing and had come to love the breed generally we made arrangements to meet the puppy.

How could anyone not fall in love with this lovely boy
When we got to the breeder’s house we were greeted by the cutest bundle of black fluff you could imagine. We got to spend plenty of time with him and the breeder took us through what he had learnt in relation to both house and show training. There was no way I was going home without that beautiful boy aptly named Beau.

More about Beau next time.

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