Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Better Way of Shopping for Food – Episode 3

Well the use of my supermarket's list of aisles made a big difference. Not only did I get everything we needed (I actually made the effort to get off my bum and check the items in the pantry this time) but it was done quickly and efficiently because the list was in the order the aisles run. Brilliant!

Then the other day I was flipping through one of my old Diabetic Living magazines and there’s an article titled "7 Healthy Tips for 7 Days". It gives tips to make meal planning easy, save you money, reduce food wastage and minimise impulse buying.

Here they are:

  1. Eat before you shop. This will reduce the temptation to buy snacks and fast food. 
  2. Be a greengrocer. Begin your shopping either at a greengrocer or in the fruit and vegie section of your supermarket. Then get more fruit and vegies from the freezer section. At the beginning of the week eat the fresh food leaving the frozen items until later in the week. 
  3. Remember fresh is always best. This doesn’t just mean fruit and vegies but also meat and poultry. 
  4. Be focused at the supermarket. After the fuit and vegies go to the meat, dairy and aisles with your other staples. By not going up and down every aisle you avoid temptation. Keep your hands on the trolley, don’t browse, grab what you need and go! 
  5. Keep food cold in transit. As summer approaches (and we’ve already had some very hot days) keep a cooler bag in the car to transport meat and dairy products. 
  6. Be budget wise. Compare prices for specials and swap ingredients. 
  7. Check use by dates. This is particularly important with items like milk products and pre-packed salads. Don’t be embarrassed to rummage to the back of the items where the freshest ones are usually placed.

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