Saturday, 14 February 2015

How much new technology and inventions do we really need? Part 1: Personal Stuff

A friend recently emailed one of those ‘fun’ emails. You know the type. They have fabulous photography, cute animals, words of wisdom, humour etc. This one was titled “Coming Your Way Soon” and featured several new inventions.

I’m one of those people who worries a little about how fast we are progressing with technology (yes, I’m a Baby Boomer). So thought I’d look at each of these new inventions and consider their importance to my life. I also ran these ideas past my husband and 36 year tech minded step son.

A pen that lets you scan and write in any colour.
Son couldn’t see any use – he’s a graphic designer and pointed out he has an app on is phone that will read the RGB of any colour scanned by the phone.

Me? I have a thing about colour co-ordinating. Not just in a domestic sense like around the house but my files are all colour co-ordinated; that is a different colour for blogging, personal stuff, the Dingo Lady project, my craft etc etc. Oh, and of course one for books I am writing and the finished one I am shamelessly promoting: Angel with Drumsticks: The rock that Shook the Foundations of the Vatican available through Amazon

My post it notes, folders and the ink I use for notes on the various categories all match! I’m one of those people that buy those pens with several colours. I always have one with black, blue, red and green and if I come across one with 10 colours I am in heaven! So yes, I definitely NEED one of these. That would give me an endless range of colours. How wonderful!

Small tiles you can attach to your keys, wallet, computer, or pretty much anything.
It claims that if you lose anything, you can then look up their location on your Smartphone.

The thing I keep losing is my glasses. I have several pairs in different rooms for different purposes; computer work, reading, needlework etc. I have a habit of getting up from my chair to walk to another room taking my glasses off as I go and leaving them ‘somewhere’ on the way. I also do sometimes lose my mobile phone. I rarely lose my keys or purse.

Now this tag is not going to help me one bit. I am certainly not going to walk around with a tag attached to my glasses and what good is having a tag on my phone if I need to find it to find it. (Get what I mean?)

Know it all son tells me there are already stickers you can get that do the same thing – OK that would be a bit better for the glasses. Pedantic Husband just says it is more of a development than a new invention

Device to lift the Pringles up.
No one in this house is that lazy. Just tip them into a bowl.

Mug that catches any drips
Husband – "just put a plate under a mug". Son – "that’s just lazy". Obviously they haven’t had to put up with guests who repeatedly ignore the coaster placed in front of them and put their coffee cup on MY table. My only request would be please make in a nice china with a pretty pattern.  

A hair brush that is easy to clean
I’ll take two – one for me and one for my long haired Belgian Shepherds

Ear buds that won’t tangle  
Son – great idea (told you he is the techie in the family. Husband just shrugs. He’s into gadgets even less than I am. Me? I don’t see the problem because I don’t have ear buds connected to anything. Now talk to me about ironing cords……


Packing tape that is easy to open       
Yes please! But security conscious husband and son say it would be too easy for people to open before it was delivered.
Back pack with hood
But what if I want to get my lipstick out of the bag in the pouring rain?

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