Friday, 13 March 2015

How much new technology and inventions do we need? Part 2: In the home

Wall outlets with USB chargers and nightlights.

Absolutely! More and more devices need USB chargers. Plus it means I can recharge my phone in any room and not miss calls if I’m not in the same room. Nightlights as well? Yes please.

The ultimate outlet would also have extension cords built into the wall

Me, who hates the effort needed to find the right length extension cord then end up with one way too long for the job or too short and have to find another one to extend the extension, yes please.

The ever practical son wants to know what happens if the reel breaks, you’d have to pull the entire wall out. I decided I want them anyway and son can pull the wall down and rebuild it if it breaks. Easy peasy female solution!

Power boards that you can expand and rotate 

Both husband and son agree with me that we can’t see a practical use but husband want one for the workshop anyway. Just in case. 

I must admit I do like the pretty one. Didn’t you read the previous post in this series and my obsession for colour co-ordinaton?

Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks. 

We are all a bit ho-hum on this one

Or this solar powered charger. 


A fun way to clean.

I have visions of me crashing into walls. I can’t even control the Segway on my Wii. Son did point out they would probably be good in large floor areas – shopping centres, aeroplane hangars etc

USB rechargeable batteries. 

Problem here is that we use rechargeable batteries for every battery operated item in house so we would need several of these gadgets. Husband is always recharging four AA and two AAA for his headphones and remote control. We’d need a USB hub for that alone.

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