Saturday, 18 March 2017

I remember

Each month our local writers' groups sets one or two themes for members to write about. This month it was "I remember" This is my first attempt at writing any sort of poetry.
Mini skirts, bell bottoms and my first kiss
Serials, cartoons and newsreels at the flicks
Ice skating, tadpole catching and cycling to school.
Milkbars, juke boxes and being cool

Biscuits, sugar and flour that were weighed
Five jacks, marbles and ball games we played
Smokey Dawson, Roy Rogers and Peter Pan
The milkman, the baker and the dunny man

Cilla, Cliff and of course, the Beatles
Iodine, Mercurochrome and Condy’s crystals
Rock concerts at The Stadium; tennis at White City
Polio injections without any pity

Surfies, rockers and the mods
Measles, mumps and chicken pox
Secret Seven, Bobbsey Twins and Nurse Ames
Golden books and Charlie Chuckles with its games

Rampant bushfires, drowning floods and August wattle
Drop the hankie, pass the parcel and spin the bottle
Tunnel ball, vigoro and hopscotch
The Mickey Mouse Club we’d all watch

Kittens and puppies and many budgies
School milk and sandwiches with my buddies
Bonfires, crackers and sparklers bright
But the scary stories would give us a fright

Cut out dolls, cowboy hats and hula hoops
Bandstand and Six O’clock Rock and fab groups
The twist, the stomp and a parental frown
A cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down


  1. Brilliant! Hard to believe this is your first attempt at poetry. Not only really good but readily recalls those past days. Well done.