Saturday, 19 August 2017

No Theme

Usually, our local writer’s group sets a topic for members to write about for inclusion in our monthly magazine, Scribblings. Although there is no requirement to stick to the theme, some may have felt that there are things they like to write about that are not covered by the themes so we didn’t have one for August. What did I write? Haha, see the piece below.

There will be no theme for next month they said. Oh, my heavens! I was just getting used to being told what to write about and now I have to decide for myself; find my own inspiration! Never mind, I can do it … or can I?

With that thought on my mind I go to bed, but alas not to sleep. What will I write about? What will interest people? What style? Should I give poetry another try?

Toss, turn. At last a thought comes into my head. I lay awake composing a brilliant piece. Do I get up and write down? Of course not. Can I remember it in the morning? No. Oh well, another day and I can give more thought.

Into the shower now and get ready to tackle other chores. As the hot water runs through my hair the nagging question disturbs my ablutions. What if I write about … Yes! That’s it. It could be a humorous piece. My mind mixes and stirs ideas and clever phrases.

It only takes a few minutes before I am sitting in front of the computer ready to document my cleverness. Gone. That clever piece is gone. Probably forever. 

I am uptight and annoyed. Walking one of the dogs usually helps relax and send me into a reverie of sorts. Maybe I’ll get inspiration again.

As I walk I gaze around. Nothing. No inspiration today. Another day gone and still no idea what to write.

Maybe I’ll look through some writing prompts. Nothing appeals or I have no expertise of the topics suggested. Another day gone. If I don’t get onto it soon that dreaded email reminding us for our next contribution will land in the mailbox.

Writers are advised to write about what they know or are passionate about but I’ve done dingoes and dogs a few times. Won’ that be over doing it?

Driving to work I listen to an audio book. It gives me inspiration about style. I can do that! Nope, when I get home it’s gone again.

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